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and sank. a passenger saw a heroic helicopter pilot coming to save them. >>> and new york city watching the waters rise. the busiest city in america, a landmark line a ghost town. >>> and on this night when 60 million americans are feeling the effects of hurricane sandy, the abc news team is out in force on every corner of the storm. tonight, the moment it crashes on land, our team in the storm zone bringing you what's happening at this hour as "world news" begins. >>> good evening, and welcome to this special one-hour edition of "world news," and as we come on the air, it is happening right now, hurricane sandy crashing on shore. winds now at 90 miles per hour, and this storm is so big, so vast, 60 million americans will feel its power. tonight our extreme weather team is all over the storm zone ready to report, so let's go straight to abc's meteorologist ginger zee, who is right in the bull's-eye as the storm is hitting the shore now in atlantic city, new jersey. ginger? >> we're essentially inside the storm, diane. it is just to our south. we're easily getting into some of the worst
pilot coming to save them and new york city watching the waters rise. the busiest city in america, landmark like a ghost town and on this night when 60 million americans are feeling the effects of hurricane sandy, the abc news team is out in force in every corner of the storm. tonight, the moment it crashes on land, our team in the storm zone bringing you what's happening at this hour as "world news" begins. >> this is a special edition of the world news with diane sawyer. good evening and welcome to the one-hour edition of world news and as we come on the air, it is happening right now, hurricane sandy crashing on the shore wins at 90 miles an hour and this storm is so big, so vast, 60 million americans will feel its power. tonight the extrema weather team is all over the storm and ready to report so let's go to meteorologist ginger who is in the bull's-eye of the storm that is hitting the shore and atlantic city new jersey. gender? >> reporter: we are essentially inside the storm it is to our south and the threshold of hurricanes one of the worst storms of has had atlantic city
at this moment, 14 states with cities and towns underwater, and in places the water is 8 feet deep. and another night of darkness for millions of people, the new york city skyline in shadow. nearly half the island has no power at all. 8 million people in 18 states in the cold and dark tonight. and our extreme weather team is fanned out across the storm zone. abc's alex perez starts us out in little ferry, new jersey, still underwater, rescue is under way right now. alex. >> reporter: well, diane, we've learned president obama will be in new jersey surveying the damage tomorrow, but i want you to take a look around me here. this is what many blocks across little ferry, new jersey, look like tonight, completely submerged. if you look down some streets, you'll see cars that tried to get out but just could not. in this neighborhood alone, more than 400 stranded people were rescued today. rescuers made their way through flooded streets today picking up stranded families. >> want to come out? >> reporter: and the boats bringing people to where they could be trucked to safety. whole families huddled t
across the hudson river from manhattan. it's the city where frank sinatra was born and tonight, it's 25% under water. abc's sam champion got a birds eye view today.flooding that we looking at, this is wednesday. the storm made landfall on monday night. that water, still there. >> reporter: on the ground, as many as 20,000 people may be stranded in their homes. here, an entire block, taking turns using a generator to charge their phones and make some coffee to stay warm. some are braving the stew of sewage and rainwater. dana and daniel decided to truck through. >> it's scary, you don't know how long you're going to be stuck here. you don't know how you're going to get out of town. >> reporter: dramatic scenes playing out across the region, in the desperate hours since sandy hit. last night, new york police helicopters air lifted staten island residents off their roof. up and down the jersey shore, scenes of devastation. house after house, crumpled to bits. and for many, stranded here in hoboken, there's no relief in sight. and diane, i'm standing in what's supposed to be a busy intersec
than normal tides, places like atlantic city could see a swamping ten-foot storm surge. that's also possible for new jersey and new york, where evacuation orders may be enforced in coastal areas. even new york city's subways are at risk of flooding. mayor bloomberg says they may be closed as sandy approaches. for more on the damage sandy is already doing, we go up the florida coast to my extreme weather team colleague ginger zee. ginger? >> reporter: sam, cocoa beach is known as one of the widest beaches in the state of florida, but not tonight. it has been cut in almost half, thanks to the pounding ten-foot breakers that have been coming in. they've had 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts. this all from a storm that's still 200 miles away. so, if sandy hasn't impressed you enough with that power, check out these hurricane facts. the average hurricane has enough energy to power the world 200 times over. and during its life cycle, it can unleash and release the same amount of energy as 10,000 nuclear bombs. this is only part of the fuel for that fire that could become the superstorm. it will
in this superstitious city rest on this guy. why does he have to lose for them to win? >>> good evening. as we come on the air, we learned it has happened again. a third american airlines flight forced to land after a row of seats came unbolted. half of their fleet of 757s were grounded for inspection. most of them now back in service. but even so, there have been a flurry of cancellations and delays. so what do you do if you're booking a flight? and what is american airlines saying tonight about the clues they have found? abc's senior national correspondent jim avila tells us. >> reporter: boston's logan field, one of americans' boeing 757s, 47 of which, nearly half the fleet taken out of service overnight and into today as the troubled airline tries to make sure no more of its coach seats come loose in flight, as they have three separate times. >> seats 14 a, b, and c, i think, are totally disconnected. >> somehow we introduced failure. we're not sure if it is a mechanical failure or a human failure. >> reporter: american saying today it has identified the problem -- because seats came loose. in
.m. eastern. we have two developing stories from overseas. tonight the city of aleppo t commercial equivalent of they new york city. four car bombs killed nearly 40 people. eyewitnesses described what felt like series of earthquakes. here a square before and after. you can see there reduced to rubble. in iran, something we rarely see. crashes in the streets of tehran. hundreds of protesters take on their own government. outraged toefr collapse of the iranian currency, take an nose dive in the past week, down 40%. that is a record low. that is economists say the tough sanctions before the u.s. government. because of iran's nuclear problems. >>> now we tourn a headline that sounded impabl to us today. word of yet another american airlines flight forced to land. passengers bracing for impact. in the end, though, landing gear came down, but some suspicious passengers are telling us they wonder if pilots and other employees are negotiating their labor dispute from 30,000 feet. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila puts that to a question to a pilot who believes in his former airline. >> re
, roads closed and some schools shut down as record rainfall for the day made sin city's august through october the wettest stretch on record. almost five inches of rain in just three months. that's more than they get on average for an entire year. >> and ginger is here now to tell us, what is happening as it moves across, through the east? >> reporter: well, tonight, in the last couple of hours, we've already seen new mexico have some isolated hail reports coming out. what's going to happen is, the warm front and the cold front are going to move north and east. tonight, dodge city, all the way down into parts of western texas are in the zone that needs to be concerned. but tomorrow, it gets very wide and goes all the way north to minneapolis, south to dallas and that includes chicago and st. louis. for those folks, they have to be aware tomorrow. isolated tornadoes, very strong winds, up to 80 miles per hour, and that hail. we'll be watching it on "gma" tomorrow and have all the updates throughout the weekend. >> so, the whole country is going to be affected as this moves. thank you so
moran and heaven. and we'll see you again back here tomorrow night. good night. >>> tonight the city of oakland rededicates the plaza in time for a new round of occupy demonstrations.. >> hear from a police officer who blew the whistle on comrades. now, he claims he was forced out for exposing a fraud. >> fbi joints a hunt for hackers at a major bookstore chain. several stores were hit. tonight your credit could be at risk. >> from at and t park security measures now being taken for game one of the world series. >> remember these scenes? frank ogowa plaza, home to one of the biggest occupy movements had a face lift tonight. it may be occupied again, and soon. good evening. >> city leaders are touting the transformation, demonstrators are planning a new takeover for tomorrow. abc 7, or thursday, rather, laura anthony is live for us. laura? >> hi, carolyn. police told me today they have a variety of plans ready. they will be ready for anything that may or may not happen here tomorrow evening. in the meantime, oakland city
of the full moon monday, which means higher than normal tides, places like atlantic city could see a swamping ten-foot storm surge. that's possible for new jersey and new york, where evacuation orders may be enforced in coastal areas. even new york city's subways are at risk of flooding. mayor bloomberg says they may be closed as sandy approaches. for more on the damage sandy is already doing, we go up the florida coast to ginger zee. ginger? >> reporter: sam, cocoa beach is one of the widest beaches in florida, but not tonight. it's been cut in half thanks to the breakers coming in. 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts, this all from a storm that's almost 200 miles away. so, if sandy hasn't impressed you enough, check out these hurricane facts. the average hurricane has enough energy to power the world 200 times over. and during its life cycle, it can release as much energy as 10,000 nuclear bombs. it will interact with another trough in the northwest, a system in greenland and inject itself from the mid-atlantic to coastal new england. that's the area we're most concerned about, the area we find our
chapter. >>> and now, another abc news special report on hidden america. chicago is a great city, but there are some neighborhoods there where small children live in battle zones. listen to this number. 419 people killed this year. across a dozen neighborhoods. more than the u.s. troops killed in afghanistan this year. and the cause? rival gangs, creating anarchy. tomorrow night, we're going to show you something unprecedented. we gather 38 members of rival gangs, past and precept, from the hispanic gangs to their black rivals, to talk about the slaughter and how to make it stop. but tonight, some of the reasons it cannot go on. tonight, there are american children living in a war zone. >> my mom doesn't like me going outside because she fears for my life. >> where did she get shot out? >> in the head. >> reporter: a 6-year-old girl is killed in broad daylight, sitting on the porch. in another neighborhood, another girl, 7 years old -- ♪ here i am >> reporter: shot dead, selling candy in the front yard. some as young as 134 and 14, some carrying assault weapons and shooting at
tomorrow night. good night. >>> a packed house at city hall, dozens weigh in on whether ross mirkarimi should get his job back. >> a dramatic rescue operation. tonight a team forced to use tranquilizing darts to save a sea lion. >> and we're live at the coliseum. it's do or die time for the a's. best of five playoff series is on the line. >> remarkable story of a note left in the wilderness 40 years ago and the grandfather who found it and wrote back. >> suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi at a city hall rally today, inside, supervisors deciding right now whether to retain him or remove him from office once and for all. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and they have been meeting on whether he should be allowed to resume his duties as sheriff. hundreds of people packed the chambers. this is a live picture and they have vowed to listen to everyone who wants to speak. abc 7
view here. i want to head over into storm track and give you the cities again. just to give you where the line of next arrival will be on this particular cell. again, rotation indicated by radar. this could be a very brief spinup. but there it is. that's our inbound-outbound velocity coup let. what you're looking at here is red -- all these shaded areas in red, those are moving away from our sterling, virginia radar sign. green are moving towards the radar site. that is a full rotating structure in this storm. perhaps touching down. perhaps staying elevated. we can't say for sure, but this is why we have an active tornado warning in central baltimore county, and that's why we're bringing the live coverage as we speak. again, a little different perspective here. here is the storm in motion. you can see the embedded thunder and lightning here. the same storm cell came over the northwest side of the beltway now into the center heart of baltimore county and moving into north central baltimore county. eventually could make its way into southern hartford county. the movement is north, north
. the debate two days from now in this city. mitt romney will appear a short time from now at a rally right behind me. his campaign today acknowledging he will spend most of his time hunkered down, preparing for the most important night of his political career. the debate stage coming together here at the university of denver, where governor romney will stand on the same stage with the president for the first time. romney flying here from boston today, along with a team of top advisers with whom he's practiced extensively. in early september, he spent days at this secluded retreat in vermont. then, more practice in los angeles. then, just this weekend in boston. and playing the role of the president in those mock debates, senator rob portman of ohio. portman taking pointed shots at romney in his answers. as top romney advisers looked on, studying not only romney's answers, but his body language. romney joking portman playing the president so well -- >> he's playing barack obama in these mock debates we have. i don't like him very much anymore. >> reporter: governor romney also reportedly st
tonight. the best streets in america, as voted by city planners across the country. here is one. wall street, but not the one in manhattan. the one in upstate kingston, new york. there it is. most of the top ten were small town streets. shaker boulevard in cleveland, duval street in key west. and broad street in charleston, south carolina. the only really big street? ever glamorous fifth avenue in new york. >>> and a person in the news, royce white, newly minted member of the houston rockets, their first round draft pick. the trouble is, he has an intense fear of flying. he missed the first day of training camp because of it. he's offered to take a bus to away games and says he's seeking treatment for his anxiety. >>> and our quote of the day is, apology accepted. that is what jennifer livingston said today. she is the local news anchor criticized by the viewer who e-mailed her, saying she was not a role model for young girls because of her weight. and that e-mail, her bold response, went viral. >> so, you know nothing about me, but what you see on the outside. >> well, abc news final
than 30 cities and towns across the country named after him, and you are looking at a living room you can drop by in new york that pays some attention to the old explorer. it was built at the top of a 70-foot statue and ginger zee toured with the tourists for an up-close view of some of the smallest columbus fans looking at it. >> reporter: so what did you guys think? >> it's very big. >> reporter: it's very big. do you know what he did? >> he sailed from spain, and he landed in america. >> a giant, and if you're counting, it's been 520 years since he sailed the ocean blue. >>> and coming up here, something new in the ultimate "titanic" mystery. did jack have to die? could rose have saved him? you have to hear the simple thing they might have done. even james cameron is weighing in. such a burning sensation... until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit but i still have a runny nose. [ male
the city submits a bid for the super bowl. >> they all but vanished. tonight they're back. remarkable recovery of river otters to the bay area. >>> this is a strip club in houston, texas called treasures. a bay area public employee spent $4500 triggering outrage and a review of his travel expenses. good evening. >> i'm dan ashley. the bare facts put a man's job in jeopardy. he's accused of spending thousands of dollars of public money in a strip club. vic lee is live where commissioners are meeting about this right now. vic? >> the port commissioners went into closed emergency session just after 5:00 tonight here at the port offices. we're told the sessions are rare. that they're called only to discuss the
just outside new york city. they know the power of one night in this race. look at this. you can see it right there. after the first debate, a dramatic change, that surge for mitt romney. now, just 3 weeks remaining, 21 days until americans go to the polls. it is "your voice, your vote," and our team is on the ground at hofstra university in new york, so let's start with abc's jake tapper and what the president is going to bring tonight, jake. >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, campaign sources for both campaigns tell me that romney and obama have rehearsed for this potentially tricky town hall format with aides throwing them random questions, jumping from topic to topic looking for ways to bond with the undecided voters who will be making up the audience in this theater in the round behind me. at a williamsburg, virginia, resort this morning, president obama put on a confident face between a workout and a 45-minute debate prep session. how are you feeling about tonight? >> i feel fabulous. >> reporter: what are you going to say? >> look at this beautiful day. >> reporter: then
head over heels. see "sex and the city." remember carrie bradshaw's catwalk tumble? >> oh, my god. she's fashion roadkill. >> reporter: runways are littered with roadkill. wobbles, tumbles and wipeouts. at heathrow airport, lady gaga showed she wasn't the practical, rolling luggage type, and ended up rolling her ankles. but for the rest of us, why do we bother when we know it can end like this? the man behind those skyscraping red soles, christian louboutin, explained it to me like this. >> some women are not completely comfortable with their body. and even if you're not really comfortable with your body, you are comfortable with your feet. >> reporter: at the time, i was six months pregnant, so he proved it to me. hello, lovers! i think i just lost five pounds and ten years. fabulous. when you're talking seven-inch heels, practicality really isn't the point. >> i don't want these shoes to be comfortable shoes. >> reporter: they're not going to be birkenstocks. >> exactly. >> reporter: but with those higher heels come higher risks. and a lesson. looking good is the easy part. it's what
on "nightline" tonight. and not just a window into chicago, but so many cities near you. >>> and still ahead, right here on "world news," watch out. facebook could be ruining the chance your kid will be accepted to college. and the shocking things students are doing to each other to get an edge. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ at an intense burning sensation i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're goin
. >> that anniversary is that of the police race that cleared their encampment from nont of -- front of city hall. they say the movement is still alive. abc 7 news is live at 14th and broadway with demonstrators. nick? >> carolyn, dan, good evening. from the view of sky 7 hd, you can seeha
cities like chicago, the college board and even the u.s. state department but here in make con a small group of parents have become vocal critics. mandarin chinese is the number one language on the planet right now, so isn't it useful onom levels to teach children this language? >> i don't have a problem with the language itself, it's the way that it's being presented by the institute that leaves questions. >> reporter: a heated debate and say, a dilemma. a program that presents children with a wonderful opportunity. but is it worth the trade-off? >> and dan is here, so, dan, is there evidence of any propagandaizing in the classroom. >> short answer, no. they've been at it since 2006, the chese government. we could find no hard evidence they've ever engaged in propaganda. >> how much money is the chinese government spending on this. >> we know it's millions of dollars a year. experts say this is a vast amount of money compared to what other countries are doing, perhaps unprecedented. >> is it going to grow and grow? how many classrooms, how many schools this this country are clamoring
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)